Five must-visit attractions in Vientiane

The city of Vientiane is located at the heart of Laos and at the bank of Mekong river which is near the border of Thailand. The city is known for its architectural nature; it has the Buddhist temples and has French colonial architecture. There are five interesting places an individual can visit once they are at Vientiane.

Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan)

It is one of the attractions in the city which is known for the Buddhist sculpture. The park has 200 religious statues, one of it is the 40 meter reclining Buddha. The artist nature of elements in the park is made of concrete and cement coated with bricks. The park also has the divinity with 12 faces and the Indra who is the king Buddha. The authority as the king of gods is shown in the park as its sculpture sits in an elephant with three heads. The park also has a coffee shop to offer refreshments to tourists; it is located at one end of the park. The shop offers the tourist a place to rest after walking and climbing statutes all around the park. The snacks found in the shop include papaya salad, fried bananas, and the locally brewed Lao beer.

Pha That Luang- the great stupa
It is also one of the most interesting places to visit and its attractiveness is seen because it is printed on the currency of Laos. It is one of the ten most famous Buddhist temples in the world. The stupa was built at the same location which the Indian temple was seated in the 13th century under the reign of King Setthathirat in 1566. The site hosts the Luang festival which attracts tourist from all over Laos and the neighboring countries. The ceremony goes for three days and three nights and is considered one of the important Buddhist celebration in Laos.

Wat si Muang
The place is a popular worship site in Vientiane. The temple is known to have “good luck” powers hence most Buddhist who visit the place hope to gain the powers. The locals believe that if an individual makes a prayer in the place and places a promise, the prayer will come to be on condition that he/she fulfills the promise. The prayer and the wish are witnessed on the spot, and the promise can be full filled later.

Wat Ho Phra Keo
The temple is one of the impressive temples in Vientiane. The temple was mainly built as Lao Royal chapel in 1565. The temple is also home of the Emerald Buddha which was removed from north of Siam in Thailand. The temple is located next to the presidential palace – read article on top 10 things to see in laos.

Vientiane Night market
It is a shopping place which tourist can shop at night. The market has orderly and clean stalls which operate with different merchandise making it convenient for the tourists. The language at the market place in English to accommodate the various tourists. It is important for one to have bargaining skills when buying at this market. The prices tend to be high unless a special bargain is done. It is located s the riverside promenade which is upstream of Chao Anouvong statue.

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